Visual kit

A set of miniature welds, macro sections and photo-radiographs to demonstrate the principles of flaw detection, flaw interpretation and basic sizing.

Each kit contains 3 tee and 7 plate specimens containing commonly occurring visual welding flaws and irregularities.

Our 3D printed resin kits weigh just 3.5kg, making them over 70% lighter than their carbon steel counterpart, and are easier to handle, transport and store.

All kits are presented in a durable polypropylene carry case with high-density foam inserts to ensure total protection of the specimens.

Recommended for:

  • Introduction to weld flaws
  • Demonstration of principles of flaw detection, typical flaw responses and principles of flaw responses
  • Basic flaw sizing

Each kit contains:

  • 10 miniature flawed specimens, each implanted with one flaw
  • Flaw location details
  • Testing and acceptance criteria
  • Photo-radiographs (where applicable) for each specimen
  • 10 macro sections
  • Magnifying glass
  • Certificate of conformance


Visual kit



Product dimension 

450mm (18”) × 360mm (14”) × 180mm (7”) 


12 kg / 26 lbs (Carbon steel) 

3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs (3D printed resin) 


Carbon steel, 3D printed resin 


Visual testing