PDI (Performance Demonstration Initiative)

Reference blocks for advanced calibration of inspection equipment prior to performance demonstrations and inspection of pipe welds in the power generation industry.

Our in-depth knowledge of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and performance demonstration provides a unique insight into the requirements of these specialty reference blocks.

We offer a range of blocks, including:

  • 2” Circumferential
  • 2” Contour
  • 4” Circumferential
  • 4” Contour
  • 6” Axial
  • 6” Contour
  • 8” Axial
  • 8” Circumferential
  • 12” Pipe segment
  • 12”-24” Contour
  • 24” Pipe segment

All our PDI blocks are:

  • Machined to exact standards
  • Manufactured from ultrasonically clean steel
  • Supplied with a CAD drawing
  • Uniquely numbered

Customized versions of these blocks and PDI alternative ASME calibration blocks are also available on request.

What our customer said:

“Always reliable and exceptional level of services when needed most.”

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