Custom Specimens and Mock-Ups

For specific NDE training, procedure development, personnel training and qualification, specialist training and performance demonstration.

Our custom specimens are manufactured to your design, our team will work with you to make your concept become reality. We will use precision machining and our in-house expertise to create your chosen part, giving you a flawed specimen which suits your needs exactly.

This could be to simulate worst-case flaws which can occur during part construction or to replicate particular in-service flaws as seen in the field.
Each specimen is supplied with documentation which clearly identifies the flaw types, sizes and locations (flaw truth).

Our custom specimens are recommended for:

  • Advanced training and qualifications
  • Performance demonstrations
  • Flaw detection
  • Flaw sizing
  • Complex weld geometries
  • Exotic materials
  • Procedure and equipment qualification

Some examples of specimens include, but not limited to:

  • Ferritic pipes
  • Austenitic pipes
  • Dissimilar weld metals
  • Weld overlay specimens
  • Reactor vessel and nozzles
  • Core shroud and spray specimens
  • Pressurizer mock-ups
  • CRDM mock-ups
  • Bolting and studs
  • Erosion/corrosion

Each document package contains:

  • CAD generated as-built drawing
  • Flaw size statement(s)
  • Manual UT and MT/PT report
  • Material certificates
  • Weld log and consumable certificates
  • QA release note

We have the following optional extras available:

  • Radiographs
  • Independent NDE fingerprinting
  • Flaw photograph(s) and tracing(s)
  • 10% calibration notches (POA)
  • Relevant calibration block(s)
  • Lockable storage crate

Tolerances for custom specimens

What our customer said:

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