Boiler Tubes

Boiler Tubes

Sonaspection have been involved in trials for UT PA in lieu of radiography, we have designed a range of boiler tube sample to help in the training and examination of technician and equipment.

Sonaspections standard boiler tube pack contains 10 Carbon steel pipes, 50mm OD diameter x 5mm WT with range of defects listed in the BS code for boiler tube inspection. Defects include Toe crack, Root crack, HAZ crack, Centre line crack, incomplete penetration, lack of root fusion, lack of side wall fusion, lack of inter run, tungsten, porosity, gas pores, inclusions, wormhole, undercut, excessive penetration, misalignment.

These packs can also be customised, to smaller or larger packs of boiler tubes. Materials can be low alloy or high alloy. Material size, tube diameter and wall thickness or the type of defects you require.


• CAD as built drawing
• Manual UT and PT report
• Material Certs
• Weld log and consumable Certs
• QA release note

Optional extras:

• PA report
• Radiography

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