Magnetic particle testing – Pipe

Flawed pipe specimen designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all known internationally recognized qualification programs, such as ASNT, ACCP, API and BS EN ISO 9712.

Each specimen contains two to four different flaw types.

Recommended for:

  • Advanced training and practice prior to qualifications in flaw detection, sizing, interpretation
  • Realistic size welds
  • Common weld geometries

Each specimen is:

  • Uniquely numbered
  • Supplied with NDE reports
  • Supplied with acceptance/rejection criteria




Magnetic particle testing – Pipe



Product dimension 

3” Dia x 3/8” WT SV x 8” long 

6” Dia x 3/8” WT SV x 8” long 

8” Dia x 3/8” WT SV x 8” long 

12” Dia x 3/8” WT SV 8” long 



4 kg / 9 lbs 

8 kg / 17 lbs 

10 kg / 21 lbs 

22 kg / 48 lbs 


Carbon steel 


Magnetic particle testing 

Custom specimen designs, material types and flaw locations are available. Secure specimens for examinations also available, please contact us for more details.