These are exciting times for Sonaspection. As world leaders in the manufacture of flawed test specimens and mock-ups, we are proud to announce that Sonaspection International and Incorporated have been acquired by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

This will further strengthen our position and adds a knowledge base across most engineering fields.

We are also pleased to confirm that the UK office is re-locating to a new unit in Lancaster, England, the new office and workshop will double our UK manufacturing capacity.


If your company is involved with NDE training or certification, then it is important that you are aware of Sonaspection and their products. Sonapection have manufactured thousands of flawed specimens for all the major performance demonstration, training and qualification centres around the world.


What are flawed Specimens?
Sonaspection's flawed specimens contain purposely induced real flaws which are accurately sized and located. Each specimen is supplied with documentation detailing flaw types, sizes and location.

NDE Training & Certification
NDE authorities around the world are striving to harmonise NDE training and certification by introducing and working to the new ISO standards.There is now more emphasis on the use of flawed specimens to give hands-on practical training and conduct more meaningful and representative certifications.

What are flawed specimens used for?
As part of a quality training programme to make sure students are aware of flaws and how they can be detected, identified and sized using NDE. Flawed specimens can also be used to perform practical personnel qualification, procedure and equipment development.

Why Sonaspection?
Sonaspection is the longest established manufacturer of flawed specimens starting in 1980, and is the pioneer on many well recognised ‘industry standard' flaw manufacture and implanting techniques.