Bend Test Sets

A range of bend test specimens that show the impact weld flaws can have on the structural integrity of a welded joint.

Our specimens are supplied as a set of five bars. Each bar measures 10mm wide x 200mm long and is available in either 12, 15 or 20mm wall thickness. They are manufactured to contain one flaw type from the list below and then each bar is bent until the weld starts to fail, and the flaw is exposed.

Our bend test sets are recommended for:

  • Demonstrating the potential impact of weld flaws in a joint

We have one choice of material for our bend test sets:

  • Carbon steel

Our bend test sets are suitable for the following method:

  • Visual testing

Each set contains:

  • Bar 1 – Lack of side wall fusion (LoSWF)
  • Bar 2 – Slag
  • Bar 3 – Clear
  • Bar 4 – Lack of root fusion (LoRF)
  • Bar 5 – Toe crack

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