Reference radiographs

Training reference radiographs showing welding flaws, mechanical flaws and processing marks.

Our training reference radiographs are specifically aimed at students who have completed basic training on our RT educational kit and are wanting to further develop their skills of locating and identifying flaws in welds, and the process of radiographic inspection as a whole.

A standard set is made up of radiographs of carbon steel pipe and plate specimens. The flaws are intentionally obvious and generally gross in nature, making them easier for the student to differentiate between and learn about the different flaw types, sizes and general locations.

Recommended for:

  • Viewing radiographs either in the lab or in the field
  • Training and practice prior to qualifications in basic RT flaw detection, sizing and interpretation
  • Understanding potential film processing problems
  • Gaining an awareness of reporting difficulties

Set contents:

20 radiographs showing a minimum of 20 flaws, plus a minimum of 6 processing flaws and the following documentation:

  • Each radiograph will be provided with a master report showing flaw type, distance from zero, length, any artefacts, sensitivity and film density
  • 10 copies of an example student report template and flaw radiograph grid showing examples of what each flaw would look like within a radiograph
  • Text BoxFlaw reference section




Reference radiographs



Product dimension 

292mm (11.4”) x 330mm (13”) x 60mm (2.3”) 

 11.4” length x 13” width x 2.3” height 


Weight 4kg (8.8lbs) 


Radiographic testing 

These sets can be customized to your requirements, such as: plate only, pipe only, light or dense material, etc.