Corrosion & Erosion

The inspection and management of corrosion and erosion is one of the major lasting issues facing pre and in-service inspection.

New testing methods such as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and UT Corrosion Mapping alongside developments in equipment are providing the necessary knowledge and tools to address the estimated $2.2 trillion annual cost.

Sonaspection are able to support the development of expertise in corrosion and erosion with real flaws in the following specifications in pipe and plate specimens:

• Erosion
• Corrosion
• Pitting

Corrosion and Erosion

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Customer Reviews

"Sonaspection have been manufacturing test pieces for us for over 25 years, they produce work to the highest standard and we trust them with our most complicated contracts. They continue to push the boundaries on the defected welds they re-create, this has been especially true during the current Hinkley Point C project. “

Inspection Validation Centre – Wood. (Formerly AMECFW)

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UK Office

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USA Office

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