Crack sizing bars – Recommended set

A range of carbon steel or stainless steel bars, useful for crack sizing and characterization.

Our crack sizing bars have mechanically induced cracks running the full 30mm length of the weld. A choice of four sets, each set contains four bars with a wall thickness (WT) of either 12mm, 20mm, 25mm or 30mm, and percentage crack through wall height (TWH) of 10%, 25%, 50%, and 75%.

Recommended for:

  • Crack sizing also applicable for API
  • Crack characterization

Each package contains:

  • As-built drawing
  • Material certificate
  • Consumable certificate
  • QA release note




Crack sizing bars – Recommended set



Product dimension 

Set 1 – 30mm (1¼”) long x 12mm (1/2”) WT 

Set 2 - 30mm (1¼”) long x 20mm (3/4”) WT 

Set 3 – 30mm (1¼”) long x 25mm (1”) WT 

Set 4 – 30mm (1¼”) long x 30mm (1 ¼”) WT 


XXX kg / XXX lbs 


Carbon steel, Stainless steel  


Ultrasonic testing 

We can customize our crack sizing bars to your specific requirements, please contact us for more details.