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On 4 July 2013, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers announced the acquisition of the internationally recognised non-destructive testing samples company, Sonaspection.

This acquisition marked an important step for the Institution’s contributions not only to the Non- destructive Industry, but as a catalyst to enable new standards and techniques across many important industries. We believe Non-destructive testing and flawed specimens are vital to an extremely broad range of engineering sectors and to the institutions’s members.

The Directors of Sonaspection commented:

“This will strengthen our management and promotional capabilities. It will give the Institution’s members and our customers a robust service in the non-destructive testing, training and certification sector and we will be better able to meet the growing and changing needs of our global clients in the future.”

Sonaspection has manufactured thousands of flawed specimens for all major performance demonstration, training and qualification centres around the world. The company, now in its 38th year, is the pioneer of many ‘industry standard' flaw manufacture and implanting techniques.

The Sonaspection Team

Meet some of our team members from our offices in Lancaster, UK and Charlotte, USA. More profiles to follow soon.

Steve Berriman
Steve Berriman
General Manager
Steve is general manager of Sonaspection. His principle responsibility is to manage the UK and US operations. Steve has been with Sonaspection since 1986 and was instrumental in the development of some of the flaw manufacturing techniques still used today. Steve’s experience comes mainly from his welding background on nuclear, oil and gas installations around the country. With nearly 30 years of experience behind him many companies will seek out Steve’s advice regarding mock-up design and flaw population prior to manufacture.
Neil Kelly
Neil Kelly
Production Manager
Neil is production manager at Sonaspection and is responsible for the management of the workshop, client development and account management. Neil has been with Sonaspection since 1996 and his experience stems from his first hand experience as a welder. Neil uses his in-depth knowledge of flaw making to provide consultancy to clients when designing and creating the right client solutions.
Roy Duce
Roy Duce
Manager, USA Division
Roy joined Sonaspection in 1987 and has 27 years experience in manufacturing flawed specimens and mock-ups for NDT training and certification. Roy has managed the day to day operations at Sonaspection’s Concord North Carolina manufacturing facility since it’s opening in 2002 and has acquired extensive knowledge in flawed specimen and mock-up manufacturing and their intended applications. Roy has a welding and NDT background that includes certified welder nuclear, oil, gas and structural, he has NDT certifications in UT, MT, PT, VT & RT and is a AWS certified welding inspector (CWI) and AWS certified welding educator (CWE). Roy is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) and a member of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT)

Download the Sonaspection Brochure (PDF)

Customer Reviews

'Sonaspection have been manufacturing test pieces for us for over 25 years, they produce work to the highest standard and we trust them with our most complicated contracts. They continue to push the boundaries on the defected welds they re-create, this has been especially true during the current Hinkley Point C project.'

Inspection Validation Centre – Wood. (Formerly AMECFW)

UK Office

UK Office

10 Woodgate
White Lund Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

T +44 (0)1524 34991
F +44 (0) 152 438 1488
E sonaspection@imeche.org


USA Office

USA Office

6821 Belt Road
NC 28027

T +1 704-262-3384
F +1 704-262-3387
E sonaspection_usa@imeche.org